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We are often asked how to ascertain which blends are best for each individual and we always recommend using your intuition first- what colours of the crystals shown in the collections do you like best for now ( this preference may change with time, this depends on person to person.) We recommend that you use your intuition first, try choosing a blend by yourself, by sight, colour, and how you feel.

Via Hero (Limited Edition)
24K Gold Leaf - Tiger's Eye - Smoky Quartz - Clear QuartzAwaken the tiger in you with this extraordi..
Via Inspiration
66.000 KWD
Lapis Lazuli - Rutile Quartz Change the world with your creativity and break fresh ground! Get in..
Via Jubilee Ayurveda (Limited Edition)
Milk Opel - Amethyst - Lapis Lazuli - Garnet - Carnelian - Orange Calcite - Clear Quartz The wo..
Via Love
56.000 KWD
Rose Quartz - Garnet - Clear QuartzAll you need is … water. And when you add rose quartz, the q..
Via Luna
45.000 KWD
Rainbow Moonstone (white labradorite) - Clear Quartz As the name suggests, Luna is strongly connect..
Via Vitality
45.000 KWD
Emerald - Clear Quartz St. Hildegard declared nearly 1000 years ago: “All the green of nature is ..
Via Wellness
35.000 KWD
Rose Quartz - Amethyst - Clear QuartzThis basic, well-balanced blend was used for hundreds of years ..
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