Via Momentum

Chalcedony - Moss Agate - Milk Opal

Alternative medicine practitioners recommend this blend of gems to strengthen your inner flow, to gain and maintain your momentum. Discover your inner peace and harmony again. In this fast paced, complex digital world of ours we tend to forget that our mind sometimes needs to rest in order to be able to focus on what is really important. Settle down for a minute or two, forget everything around you and indulge yourself with a refreshing glass of pure water.


Moss Agate: Liberation, hope, inspiration. Helps with diabetes, influenza, colds, coughs, stubborn infections, pain in the limbs, fevers and oversensitivity to changes in the weather.

Milky Opal: Openness, flexibility, activity. Encourages communication. Strengthens the kidneys, bladder & lymphatic system, regulating the body's water balance

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